You can order the books directly at Blurb, using the links below or from the main page here.

The paper selected for the books are high quality paper, as a minimum premium papers, but often the even higher graded Pro Linen versions.

If you have any questions please get in touch we us.

At Extroscope Publish we love the book. The book, not defined by a physical paper product, but the concept of a book. While we love the physical paper book, the book of today can come in many forms. But the for us the concept of a book is about the story.

We especially love the Photo Book. The story that is told with a collection of photographs, the way the sums becomes more than the parts. The way you can combine the word and the image and enrich the experience.

The Photo Book is also the perfect gift. It is a way to make the gift more personal and you can buy a Photo Book gift right from this site, so go and have a look.

Our mission is to bring you books that we love ourself, and that we hope you will enjoy, as much as we do. Below you can see our current selection of books.

We have different kinds of books. For the physical paper books, we use Blurb as supplier. We are also working on e-books, and special made to order handmade books. The handmade books will be made available on our art site where there are also other special products.

- The Extroscope Publish Team

The first e-book is now available in the iBook store here.

This section will be updated as we will add new e-books soon.


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